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Please Note:
After filling out this document, I will determine my fee for the client's event, and the client will receive a formal contract to sign along with an invoice for a $100 down payment. The remaining balance is due one week prior to the event. If you would like to pay in full before then, you are free to.

Once this contract has been signed by both the client and me and this contract is sent back to me with the down payment, I am obligated to fulfill this contract. Therefore, if another client is competing for your requested time, I will perform only for the client who first returns a signed contract and down payment.

Three weeks prior to the event, the agreed-upon time, location, and music cannot be changed.
If the client cancels the event, the final payment will be refunded; however, the down payment is forfeited and will not be refunded.

If conditions beyond our control (ex. weather, family emergency) occur and I am unable to make it to the event, the full amount will be refunded (down payment + final payment)

After I receive this contract, I will send the down payment invoice.

After the down payment invoice is paid, we are officially booked!

Please note that special arrangements must be made for outdoor events, including but not limited to: the harp must be in the shade, protected from inclement weather, and on a solid, dry surface. Arrangements must also be made for passage obstacles, ie: staircases.
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