Adopt an Artist - NZ Fringe 2020 billeting questionnaire
NZ Fringe are looking for responsible and friendly locals to host a number of out of town artists coming over in March 2020. Whether you can host 1 or 10, on a three seater couch or a lavish four poster bed, we want to hear from you!

What the heck is billeting?

Hosting a Fringe artist or two in your home, also known as "billeting," is a great way to meet artists from far and wide, be part of the big weird Fringe family, and see great independent theatre at the Fringe, February 28 to March 21!

Billeting is a key part of making our festival feasible and attractive to touring companies. Performers from all over New Zealand and the world come to NZ Fringe. They cover their own travel expenses to get here and are paid in box office receipts. To help support the artists, NZ Fringe looks for local hosts who are willing to "adopt an artist" for a few days (or longer), allowing them to stay in their home for free.

Artists will begin arriving in the last week of February and will be in town for 4-7+ nights, until March 23. Most of our artists do a 3-5 night run, arriving a day or two before their first performance and leaving a day or two after.

Billeting has a long tradition at Fringes around the world, but is quite new to us here in Wellington. We rely heavily on the generosity of our community, and we hope you will be part of this great experience with us!

Billeting an artist means:
• Providing privacy and a bed for traveling artists or companies;
• Giving them freedom to come and go as they need to (remember, it's Fringe, so there are some late nights);
• Setting your own house rules (ie. no smoking, or if you feel more comfortable hosting a specific gender/orientation).

Billeting an artist does not require:
• Providing food, transportation, parking, access to a phone, computer, or entertainment
(unless you feel like doing any of the above, which of course you are welcome to do!).

We will do our best to make sure your guest is a good "fit" for your household. The artists are genuinely grateful and thankful for your generosity and support of the Fringe.

If you have any questions give us a call at 04 212 4725 or e-mail us at All information will be kept strictly private.
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