2019 North Haven Summer Youth Program
Event Timing: M/W From 6/24 - 7/31
Event Address: North Haven Recreation Fields
7 Linsley St, North Haven, CT 06473
Contact us: Northhavenrugby@gmail.com Or Northhavenrugby.com
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I understand that I will have to pay $65 by check made out to North Haven Rugby Club upon arrival to the first session. *
While every precaution is taken by North Haven Rugby to maintain a safe playing and training environment for its young players I accept that due to the nature of the sport that occasional injuries may occur and that will not be held responsible for these. I also accept that in the rare event of an injury occurring that treatment may be given by the club’s coaches who are trained in first aide. I agree to allow North Haven Rugby and others working with its authority, full and free use of photographic images containing the image / likeness of my children. I understand that these images may be used for promotional use, news, research and/or educational purposes in printed publications or on the club website. *
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