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ExtDN is currently working on two initiatives to bring our vision where a Magento merchant can easily find, compare and install quality Magento extensions to life.

Extension Quality
When we talk about quality what does this mean? Quality means different things to different people and ExtDN is looking to bring together a wide range of users of Magento extensions to come up with a list of things that matter. The ultimate goal here is to make it easy to compare different extensions with quality markers that are relevant to both developers and merchants.

Extension Interoperability
Extensibility is one of Magento's hallmark features of the platform. Unfortunately unforeseen issues can arise when various extensions are installed alongside each other. No one likes dealing with these conflicts and they are a drag on any implementation.

We want to make this a better experience by discussing common and not so common causes and how we can improve on status quo.

We will kickstart this discussion at Imagine at the DevExchange on Wednesday 25th, Apr 2018.

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