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Thank you for your interest in becoming certified in the Centered Wellness Framework. I'm excited to share the process of how to use the Centered Wellness Framework! I'd love to why this training is a good fit for you and what you would bring to the community. This framework is the combination of many different techniques, fused into a dynamic system designed to help individuals become unstuck, get clear, feel better, and have more energy. I've used this in health and wellness, relationships, anxiety, and business. Please take a moment to tell me about yourself and we'll set up a time to chat.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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Vegetables are my enemies
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Guides? Who's that?
My guides and I are tight!
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The Centered Wellness Training is a holistic way to change the world. Rebecca  works with coaches who are committed to investing in holistic, sustainable success and are ready to step into helping their clients accelerate, as well as their own success. Are you able and ready to commit financially ($5000 US, or  3- 6 payments) if you're accepted? * *
If Rebecca has additional questions or would like to schedule a chat, where can she reach you? (email, phone #, FB?) *
Thank you! Please use this space to add anything else you would like to share or that would be helpful as Rebecca is reviewing your application.  The next step will include a brief interview for Rebecca to answer any of your questions and make sure this training is a good fit!
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