Youth Theatre Performance Evaluation
Please take the time after seeing our play to fill out this brief questionaire
Name of Play
Your answer
Your answer
How well did your students understand what was happening in the play?
Didn't understand
Completely understood
Did any portions of the play seem to confuse them?
If yes, please identify
Your answer
How attentive were your students to the play?
Not at all
Completely engrossed
What parts lost their attention?
Your answer
Did your students discuss the play freely after seeing it?
Not at all
Discussed a lot
How meaninful an educational experience was this play for your class?
Not at all
Very meaningful
How does this production compare with other CTC productions you have seen?
None seen
How does this play compare to other theatres' programs you have seen?
None seen
Much better
How useful did you find the study guide for this play?
I didn't use the study guide
Very useful
What is your overall rating for your experience coming to this play?
Your answer
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