How about starting golf?
We are a working group of students from TUT (Technical Unversity of Tampere) and UTA (University of Tampere) and together we are working on a project from Demola to rise awareness and interest in golf as a possible sport for younger people.
If you have questions you can contact us here:
For more information about golf, click here:
Less than 10 questions!
This is a short survey on your interest in golf - how much would you pay - why would you play or why not?

This will only take 5 minutes of your precious time, we thank you in advance for helping create something new and fun!
All answer will be kept confidential!

1. Would you generally be interested in playing golf? *
2. If no, why not?
3. Would you try golf if it was organized by the university sport? *
4. How much would you be willing to pay for golf per year? *
5. Would you prefer to pay a monthly fee or a ticket of 10/20 times? *
6. What other activities /venues do you think are available on a golf course? *
7. Would you be interested in participating at an event for young golf-interested people held at a golf course? *
Possible activities at the event are golfing, a tour of the golf course, sauna & jacuzzi and food
8. How much would you be willing to pay to join the event? *
9. What would you like to do during the event at the golf course? *
(in addition to the above mentioned possible activities)
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