#TEDxWasedaU17 Ripples to Waves Participants' Survey / 参加者アンケート
Thank you very much for attending #TEDxWasedaU17 Ripples to Waves!
May we ask for your opinions in order to enhance future events by answering the survey below.
#TEDxWasedaU17 Ripples to Wavesにご参加いただき、ありがとうございました!
How did you come to know about #TEDxWasedaU17 Ripples to Waves? このイベントをどのようにして知りましたか? *
Who did you come to the event with? どなたと一緒にイベントに来ましたか? *
What did you think of the ticket pricing? チケットの値段はどうでしたか? *
What did you think of the length of the event? イベントの長さはどうでしたか? *
What did you think of the theme "Ripples to Waves"? "Ripples to Waves"というテーマはいかがでしたか? *
Tell us the reason why you evaluated the event's theme that way イベントのテーマの評価理由をお聞かせください
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What did you think of the selection of Speakers? スピーカーのラインアップはいかがでしたか? *
Tell us the reason why you evaluated the event's speaker that way イベントのスピーカーの評価理由をお聞かせください
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Would you go to a future TEDxWasedaU event? TEDxWasedaUのイベントにまた来たいですか? *
Tell us the reason of your decision on going or not going to a future TEDxWasedaU event TEDxWasedaUのイベントにまた来たい、来たくない理由をお聞かせください
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What sort of presenters would you like to see at #TEDxWasedaU18? #TEDxWasedaU18ではどのような方のトークを聞きたいですか
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Please feel free to leave any comments below! 何かコメントがあればお願いいたします!
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