Cleaning up the Oceans
 Use the National Geographic Encyclopedia entry on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the video titled Digging into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and any other online resources to answer the following questions and then purpose a solution.
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1. Where specifically is the patch(es) located? What has lead the patches to develop where they have? Make sure you reference the Gyre. *
2. List the factors that complicate the cleaning up of the garbage patch? (List 3) *
3. What are the sources of the trash that makes up most of the garbage patch? *
4. What are the environmental implications? Why is this such a pressing issue to address? *
Design an Action Plan
Come up with a proposal for a strategy or invention that you think might be able to clean up the great pacific garbage patch. Explain your idea and how it works and answer the associated questions. You will then pitch your idea to the rest of the class.

1. What types of things would you need to do in order to accomplish your goal?
2. Explain your design, add a drawing if it helps explain your idea. *
3. What are the possible drawbacks of your design? *
4. How will you ensure that your design does not harm any reefs, fish, or marine animals? *
5. What type of assistance from governments or NGOs would you need? Or would be helpful *
6. How could you create awareness and gain support locally, even in areas not directly connected to the marine ecosystems? *
7. Along with addressing the current issue, how can you ensure a similar issue does not arise later? *
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