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Thank you for inquiring with Chab Dai. We estimate filling out this form will take approximately 30-45 minutes. You will be asked to upload a CV/Resume with at least three references. Please prepare documentation ahead of time as you cannot save this form.
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1 - Fill out and submit this volunteer form.
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3 - We will review your form and documentation. If we feel you are a suitable match for our projects or member projects, we will forward your application to our mailing list.
4 - If members are interested in accepting you as a volunteer they will contact you directly. From that point on, your primary contact will be the organization(s) interested in your work (not Chab Dai).
5 - If you DO NOT hear back from Chab Dai or our members demonstrating interest, this means there are no positions available. Please wait a minimum of 6 months before submitting another application.
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Have you ever been ACCUSED or CONVICTED of any offense involving physical or sexual abuse of children and/or young people? *
If yes to the above, explain the offense involving physical or sexual abuse of children and/or young people including location, details of accusation/conviction and when it occurred
I understand that upon being hired with a Chab Dai member, I must sign a Child Protection Policy and/or Confidentiality Agreement that outlines a code of conduct, acceptable and unacceptable behavior towards children and/or victims, and the disclosure of confidential information. I understand that if a complaint is brought against me regarding the abuse of children while engaged in Chab Dai activities, the allegation will be thoroughly investigated in cooperation with the appropriate authorities. *
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Processing volunteer applications takes time. Chab Dai appreciates donations from those who submit an application.
Please visit when considering a donation. Than you!
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