Mauritian migrant experiences
This survey is for Mauritian migrants, and their experience with living in a country other than Mauritius. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability, all help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!
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Were you born in Mauritius?
If you were born in Mauritius, what was your reason for moving to your new host country?
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If you were born in your host country, what were your parents reasoning for moving from Mauritius?
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Are you bilingual?
How much do the people of your host country accept your Mauritian culture? (1 being not at all accepting, 5 being very accepting)
Not at all accepting
Very accepting
Would you consider yourself more Mauritian or more of your host country's ethnicity?
Why did you choose what you did for the previous question? What made you lean towards a certain ethnicity?
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What aspects of your life did you have to change in order to fit in with your host country? Did any of your cultural practices not fit in with the host society?
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Rate how accurate you find these statements. (1 being highly inaccurate, 4 being very accurate) *
Highly Innacurate
Very Accurate
I continue to maintain my Mauritian culture to a large extent
The culture at my host country is really different from Mauritian culture
I have experienced discrimination due to my Mauritian cultural background
I don't really identify with my Mauritian background
In a few words, how would you describe your connection to Mauritian culture?
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Could you see yourself going to Mauritius to live?
Do you feel "torn between two worlds" in regards to how you form your cultural identity?
In your household, is there a focus on more Mauritian cultural practices, or your host country's?
what aspects of Mauritian culture do you wish you could experience?
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