POLSER 2019 ES EOY Survey
Please fill out this short survey in order to help the LISD Counseling Department and your child's counselor, Ms. Garrett can best serve you, your child, and staff.
Select your role:
2. The counseling department was very helpful to me, my students/ my child, or my student's families/ my family. *
3. Provide some examples of how the counseling department helped you, your students/ your child / your families. *
4. The counseling department could have done more to help me, my student/ my child, or student's families/ my family. *
5. How could the counseling program have helped you, your students / your child, or their families/ your family more? *
6. What did you find the most helpful in the counseling department? *
7. What would you like to see started or enhanced by the counseling department? *
8. What would you like to see discontinued in the counseling program? *
9. What would you like to see more of in the counseling department? *
10. What other thoughts, recommendations and concerns do you have regarding the counseling program on your campus? *
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