Please complete all survey questions to begin the vendor approval process. We will contact vendors and provide the necessary documents for approval, via email, within 2-3 business days.

SERVICE VENDOR REQUESTS: Services are in person or live online classes or activities. For the safety of our students, all in person or live online service vendors must be pre-approved before any students may receive services.

PRODUCT VENDOR REQUESTS: Products are tangible items (either physical or digital) that our Enrichment Department must order for our students. We do not require pre-approval for product vendors. Families may submit orders for any online product vendor through our Enrichment Ordering System (EOS).

APPROVAL TIMELINE: Vendor approval is dependent on how quickly the required documentation and completed paperwork is returned to Inspire. Vendors who promptly submit their paperwork can be approved in as little as 2 business days. Our Vendor Support team regularly follows-up with vendors if we haven't heard back.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you are an Inspire Parent or HST, please be sure to communicate with the prospective vendor that you are interested in their services and would like them to become an approved Inspire vendor, before submitting their information to the survey.


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