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My name is Mistress Ruby Enraylls. I see that you are seeking an audience with me. Lovely! It is my pleasure to welcome you to the first step to meeting me. Since you have made it this far, I trust that you are serious but I warn you that this form is a bit long and contains some introspective questions. Take some time, be thoughtful and I will give you the same courtesy in return. I look forward to reading your response and getting to know you.

Keep in mind, although I ask for email and phone number the internet is generally not as secure as we would like. You are not required to submit any personally identifying information, just the methods of contact that you would like me to use.

Should you need my contact info, it is 206-486-4960 and
-Mistress Ruby

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Whatever you'd like me to call you is fine with me.
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I prefer email but this is a "just in case" method of contact. Your privacy comes first.
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Tell me about one of your passions. Why does it matter to you? *
I think it's important to get to know each other, this is my way of screening you. Please share something you are passionate about and why, feel free to share as much detail as you like. Keep in mind that lack of detail may result in further questions. NOTE: If you choose not to fill out this section, please provide references instead.
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Please include contact information, website and anything that might cause them to remember you.
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Please include contact information, website and anything that might cause them to remember you.
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Tell me about One Negative experience & Two Positive ones.
Share a little bit about some positive experiences you've had and a negative one. Your imagination is the only limitation. Generally adding in experience that is relevant to this field is helpful. If you are unable to do that, feel free to share something else you think is relevant.
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Any Limits, Limitations, Previous Injuries or Health Concerns? *
Do you have any previous injuries, limits, limitations or is there anything I should be aware of that may limit, disable or otherwise impair your ability to function normally during a session?
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