SBMC - Website Homepage Worksheet
This worksheet will help you think through all the key aspects of your website and guide you through developing some of the copy and images for your site.
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A One-Liner is a single statement you can use to help people realize why they need your product or service.
Watch the following video and then answer the questions that follow.
Create your own one-liner

1. PROBLEM What is the main pain point you solve for your customers?
2. PRODUCT. What product or service do you offer that solves that problem?
3. RESULT What positive result will your customer experience if they buy your product or service?


With 110 people moving to Nashville every day, people are wasting more and more time sitting in traffc. With a Circuit E-Bike fitted just for you, you’ll get to work faster and add hours back to your day

PART 1: PROBLEM. State the problem or pain point that most of your clients face. >> Things to consider: Make sure the first statement is a problem and make sure it is a pain people actually feel. Pick one problem to focus on. Don’t try to include every problem your customer faces in your One-Liner. Make sure the problem you start with is a problem that your company can actually solve.
PART 2: PRODUCT - Talk about your resolution to the problem you just stated. >> Things to consider: Use your name in the solution. This associates your brand with the problem you solve. Make sure your solution is connected to the problem you just stated. Do not try to tell everything you do for your customer in this section. This is a short, clear description of what service you offer.
PART 3: RESULT. Show how your customer will feel and what they get after you solve their problem. >> Things to consider: This should be the direct resolution to the problem you stated in part 1. Commas are not your friend. Keep it short and simple. Focus on just one or two ways you make your customers’ lives better. Do not over-promise. Any result you state in your one-liner should be something you are able to deliver.
PUT IT ALL TOGETHER. >> Things to consider: Say it out loud. Does it make sense? Does it sound natural? Sometimes what looks good on paper does not translate well when spoken. Keep your one-liner simple. Don’t use inside language or awkward wording. If it is hard to say, it will be hard to memorize. Simplify it so that everyone on your team can say it easily.
One-Liner Examples

Example #1: Renting your place on Airbnb without your landlord’s approval could break your lease, get you evicted, and put your extra income at risk. RentDuo is the online system that helps property managers and tenants work together, so you can earn extra money and increase transparency without breaking the rules.

Example #2: Most visionary entrepreneurs want a fast-growing business, but scaling takes enormous time and energy. We help people scale their side hustle or business with a 12-week coaching program to build the systems you need to scale. That way, you can stop running in circles and start growing your life and business by design.

Example #3: Most people get super annoyed trying to hide ugly cords in their home. We do custom installation of TVs, speakers, lighting - you name it - so people can have beautiful homes their proud of and easily control everything from an app.

Example #4: Most businesses have technology problems that come up again and again - decreasing productivity and wasting money. We eliminate the daily issues and build a long-term technology plan to make your business more money – not waste it. With a modern IT system and the proper training to use it, employees stop complaining, more work gets done, and the IT director fnally has time to move the business’ most important projects forward. A business with 50 employees saves about 200 hours a week.

Example #5: Many people are unhappy with the look and feel of their home but they don’t have the time or resources to make the changes themselves. We guide you step by step to get the look you want and love the house you live in.

Develop a great website which converts browsers into leads and results in sales. Watch the videos and then answer the questions.
5 min Website Makeover - Video 1 (From Story Brand)
5 min Website Makeover - Video 2 (From Story Brand)

Pass the grunt test!
1. What do you offer?
2. How will it make the customer's life better?
3. What must they do to get it?
What would you like your call to action button to say? Provide a few suggestions.

Tell me what bad thing will happen if I don’t buy from you. Or what problem you solve.
What is the main problem your customer is facing, which your business solves for them?
How does that problem make your customers feel?
Why is that just plain wrong?
Explain what problems they could run into if they don’t buy your product/ service.

Tell me what great thing will happen if I buy your product.

Example: Are you ready to take photos you can brag about?
Spell out the value and benefits that people will get when buying your product or service. Be detailed.

Your website should spell out a plan
What are the steps that customers should take to purchase from you?
5 min Website Makeover - Video 3 (From Story Brand)
Circuit E-Bike Header Example
Koha Pet Food Header Example
Mansard Header Example
Image examples for header. Please provide some links to images that you think could work as a header image for your website.
Provide some header line examples. Example: Be the leader of the pack.
Talk about what you sell. Example: Get on a revolutionary new bike.
Provide a call to action line. Example: Find a dealer.

What lines could be used to describe the problem to customers?
Circuit E-Bike Problem Example
Koha Pet Food Problem Example
Mansard Problem Example
Provide a problem headline. Example: Life is too short to sit in traffic.
Provide a problem sub header. Example: Traffic is no fun. Don’t be held back. You were designed for more.
Problem images. Provide some links to images that could be used to illustrate the problem.

Position yourself as the guide.
Circuit E-Bike Solution Example
Koha Pet Food Solution Example
What makes you different?
SHOW YOUR EMPATHY: How do you care for your customer's problem? How can you communicate to your customer that you carea bout their primary problem?
Circuit E-Bike Empathy and Authority Example
Koha Pet Food Empathy Example
Koha Pet-Food Authority Example
Mansard Empathy Example
Mansard Authority Example
SHOW YOUR AUTHORITY. How can you assure your customer that you know what you are doing to help them solve their problem? What makes your business uniquely suited to solve this problem for the customer?
What competencies and strengths do you have to help guide your customers to success?
What facts can you give to assure the customer of your competency to help them? (Success stats, years in the business, number of people helped, achievements, etc.).
Circuit E-Bikes Products Example
Which ways can your company solve the problem of your customers? What are the specific products you offer? What divisions are in your company or what different offers can you provide?
List the top three products/ services you offer.

Ask for the sale and explain the process. The goal for the “plan” section of your website is to provide your customer with a simple path that shows how simple it is to do business with you.

Each step of the plan should be accompanied by a statement that describes the benefit for the customer. For instance, if step one in the plan is “Schedule a Call,” the statement would describe what benefits the customer will experience from that

It could be something like this:

This allows us to get aligned around your vision and goals for the project.
Circuit E-bikes Plan Example
Koha Pet Food Plan Example
Mansard Plan Example
How can we visualize how customers can work with you? What are the steps? Keep it simple. Only use a few words for each step.

This section should offer customers a more in-depth explanation of what you offer, how you overcome their problems, and what success looks like once they use your product or service.

One way to write your explanatory paragraph is to empathize with your customers’ problems then illustrate what success looks like on the other side.

Another way is to overcome objections your customer might have around doing business with you.

Think about the top 5 reasons why people would not do business with you. Then think about a statement that overcomes those objections.

I’m not athletic and not good at riding bikes.

No matter what level of rider you are, from beginner to expert, our electronic bikes give you that extra boost to help you keep pace with other riders.

Buying an e-bike is expensive.

Though it is an investment up front, you’ll end up saving a ton of money on gas and car maintenance once you make the switch
from your car to your e-bike.
List the top five objections you know your customers have. Then craft a statement that overcomes each objection.
Put it all together
Combine these statements into a paragraph about how you help customers overcome objections and get to success.

Circuit E-Bikes Example

With 110 people moving to Nashville every day, people are wasting more and more time sitting in traffic. With circuit E-bike fitted just for you, you'll get to work faster and add hours back in your day.
One liner example
Combine these statements into a paragraph about how you help customers overcome objections and get to success.
Circuit E-Bike Lead Generator Example
Mansard Lead Generator Example
What can we provide customers to gain their email address? Give some examples below of things you think your customers would be interested to get in return for their email address.

What other pages and links would you like to add to the footer in your website?
Circuit E-Bike Junk Drawer Example
Mansard Junk Drawer Example
About page: Write below what you would like to include in your about page.
Products/ Services: Write down below what you would like to add to your product/ services page.
Contact page; Write below what you would like to include your contact page.
What other pages would you like to include?
Please write below what you would like to include in those pages.

Please add any other thoughts and information you think is needed or would like to include in your website.
Additional information.
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