2017 Yilan Chair Design Competition ONLINE APPLICATION FORM 2017宜蘭椅設計大賞--參賽報名表單
Welcome to registration for the 2017 Yilan Chair Design Competition,
This online form must be filled in and submitted before July 3, 2017.
請於 2017年 7月 3日前,填妥線上報名資料。

Please note that filling in this form does not constitute officially completing the registration process. On receiving your application the organizers will check all bio data and send applicants a unique registration number. After receiving this number, please input the registration number on the registration form while submit your work. If an applicant does not receive a number within two days he/she should conduct us directly.
Email: ycdaward2017@gmail.com
TEL: +886-2-77308830*2020 (office hour Mon-Fri)
Email: ycdaward2017@gmail.com
電話: +886-2-77308830*2020 (週一至週五 辦公時間)

• One registration number is issued for each work and there are no limits to the number of works an individual or group can submit (for example, if participant A wants to submit two works he/she/they must obtain two registration numbers).
• A registration number should be obtained based on the category (Creative Category or Practical Category) a participant plans to submit his/her/their work. Please remember, the same work can be submitted to both categories (for example, participant B designs a work and wants to submit it to both Group A and Group B). To do so please first obtain registration numbers from the two groups separately.
• 報名序號請依作品取得,每人或團體不限報名作品數。(舉例:甲參賽者欲報名二件作品,請分別取得二組序號)
• 報名序號請依組別取得(A組創意組或B組實利組),每件作品可以同時報名A組及B組。(舉例:乙參賽者設計一件作品,欲同時報名A組創意組及B組實利組,請分別於A組及B組各取得一組報名序號)

※ Filling in this form does not constitute officially completing the registration process. Participants are also required to submit their work and follow other registration steps. For more information on please refer to the official website.
※ 請注意,完成填寫此表格並不代表完成報名,報名仍需寄出作品檔案及其他報名資料,詳細完成報名方式請見活動官網

Participant/Team Representative Name(參賽者/團隊代表人)姓名 *
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E-mail Address EMAIL帳號 *
Please ensure your address is written in full to ensure follow up documents reach you in a timely fashion. 敬請確認填寫完整正確之email信箱,此信箱將用做後續聯繫使用。
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Mobile Phone Number 行動電話 *
Please add the symbol “-”, for example:(886)0910-123456 請加註"-"符號,範例:0910-123456
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Competition Categories 參賽組別 *
Please tick the competition category for which you wish to register. An independent registration form is required for each category. In other words, multiple registrations must be submitted to participate in different categories. 請勾選欲參賽報名組別,不同組別各需有其獨立專屬報名序號,故須分次報名。
Product Name 作品名 *
Please fill in the name of the work which plan to submit. 請填入參賽作品之作品名
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Country of Citizenship 國籍 *
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