Urban Leadership Development Initiative Application- 2018/2019

Please enter your information in the following fields after clicking next. The Selection Committee will use all applications to base their selections, so it is extremely important that each section be fully completed. Limit answers to the space available. No other attachments will be considered. Application must be signed.

Applicant must email a black and white photograph suitable for use in publications and for publicity to info@MetroMorphosis.net or submit a hard copy with the application.

The Urban Leadership Development Initiative (ULDI) is a program of MetroMorphosis that seeks to support both emerging and existing leaders working to develop solutions to persistent challenges within urban communities.

MetroMorphosis believes that fellowships ( leadership etc..) is one of the most effective tools for implementing change in urban communities through capacity building and effective leadership training.

This year, MetroMorphosis will select a cohort dedicated to addressing challenges in the northern sector of our city.

Fellows will engage in shared learning experiences and will become strong agents of change that will last beyond the program’s duration. Through ULDI, MetroMorphosis seeks to provide the following skill set:

• Assessing need and opportunity

• Innovative problem-solving

• Communicating vision

• Building coalitions

• Developing working teams

• Overcoming challenges

• Community engagement

Participation in the Urban Leadership Development Initiative is open to individuals 18 years of age or older. Since the number of members into ULDI is limited, applicants who are not selected are encouraged to re-apply in subsequent years.

Selected participants will work to collectively identify and solve persistent challenges facing North Baton Rouge.

Participants will be chosen by the ULDI selection committee based upon the information completed in this application. The committee will be seeking representation from a cross-section of the community who have an interest or desire to make a substantial impact on urban communities based on the skill set previously mentioned. These leaders and potential leaders will be active in business, education, the arts, religion, government, law,media, labor, community-based organizations, ethnic and/or minority groups, and will reflect the diversity of the community.

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