WTEA Sick Leave Bank Program 2018-2019 Enrollment Form
This form is for full-time WTEA Members to enroll into the Program. The deadline to enroll is August 31st of each school year. By enrolling in this program, WTEA Members will be donating at least one personal day, without reason, to the WTEA Sick Leave Bank, each school year. Additionally, and as needed, WTEA Members enrolled in the program may donate additional personal days during the current school year.

After the deadline for submission of this form has passed, a lottery will be conducted to determine the order in which the donated days shall be utilized. An email notification of the use of the days will be forwarded to each donor via Department of Human Resources.

By lottery order, any unused donated days at the end of the school year, shall be credited back to the WTEA Member who donated them as accrued sick time. The credit cannot be in the form of a cash reimbursement.

Please make sure you are familiar with the WTEA Sick Leave Bank Program - Document found on http://wteagc.org/voluntary-donation-of-days-policy-information/

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