Exmouth Chamber of Commerce Support Forum
Live and interactive Business Support Webinar - on Tuesday 24th March at 11am, volunteers Ian Macqueen (Exmouth Chamber of Commerce Chairman) and Laura Woodward-Drake (Exmouth Chamber secretary) will be running an online meeting for local businesses and Chamber members to discuss the effects of covid-19 on their business so far.

The forum will cover the following agenda:

- What effect have current restrictions had on supply and demand
- What are businesses doing with staffing + what are options require HR support
- What support is needed to enable staff to work from home
- What financial support is needed from the government
- What support is needed for the hospitality industry
- What opportunities to adapt and excel can be found in these trying times
- Other questions to the forum, sent in by businesses in advance

The Exmouth Chamber of Commerce Exec team are passionate about being proactive to ensure local businesses can weather this storm and so the aim of this forum is to share business knowledge and lend an ear to those affected by the uncertainty. This is an initial session to find out what is needed in the immediate future/ how the Chamber and its contacts can represent local companies and to collaborate on solutions found as we work through difficulties we face as a business community.

Sign up below and we will send you information of how to join the video conference meeting - you can join via phone or PC and do not need to download any applications as it will be web based.

If you need any support with set up, please email Laura on secretary@exmouthchamber.co.uk
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