** Please read the following completely if you are interested in ordering a new Uthernet II card. **

You are receiving this questionnaire because you have contacted us a some point and expressed some interest in getting an Uthernet card.

The original Uthernet I has been discontinued. The Uthernet II is taking its place (see below) but it is not backwards compatible with the original Uthernet. On the other hand with its integrated TCP/IP stack it offers new opportunities for software which are however yet to be exploited.

A2retrosystems has provided some of the author's of various tcp/ip stacks and applications with Alpha/Beta hardware in order for them to update their software to be compatible with the new card. Contiki, IP65, Marinetti and ADTPro have been updated.

We are getting closer to being able to do a production run of the Uthernet II and would like to confirm some information for planning purposes.

The original Uthernet card was $89. I am trying to get the price for the Uthernet II to $69 or lower depending on volume.

If everyone on the list buys at least one card then we would have enough orders to get the price down to $49 per card or two for $89. Shipping would be a flat $10 for air mail. This fee would cover the cost of shipping two cards together.

Pre-ordering would start *after* I have enough responses to determine the probable price point. The price will be communicated with the pre-order announcement.

Risks: I have done pre-orders in the past successfully. What is different about this run besides being newer technology is that this card is all in one vs 2 boards and the run will be completely machine assembled by a third party for the first time. All prototypes have been hand (oven) assembled up to now by myself. This will be the first run of this card and while I do not anticipate any issues I will do my best to rectify them in a timely manner to the best of my ability.
Uthernet II
Uthernet II
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