What would you like to see in the jobs section of our newsletter?
For this week's survey, we want to know how we can serve you best with the job listings we include in our weekly newsletter.

*********EDIT: We've given out the conference ticket, and now are drawing a winner on Monday, August 26 to win a free coaching session with Gabi.********

Three lucky winner will receive a half-hour coaching call with Gabi on whatever is holding her or him back in achieving her or his travel writing dreams.

We'll select three winners at noon on Friday, August 31, 2019.

Though both our jobs newsletter and the coaching calls with the respondents selected for the prizes, we look forward to helping you find your dream of travel writing!
How would you describe the jobs you'd most like to see in our job listings? (We can't control the market, but we can keep an extra eye out for you!) *
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Which job titles are you interested in seeing listings for? (please check all that apply) *
What intersection points of other industries and travel are you interested in receiving job notifications for? (please check all that apply) *
Are you interested in hearing about full-time positions as well as freelance/contract positions? *
Are you interested in hearing about calls for submissions to new magazines or websites that may not yet have a budget to pay writers? *
Are you interested in hearing about calls for submissions from journals or other outlets that may be high-profile, but can only pay an honorarium or stipend to writers? *
Are you interested in listings for volunteer and residency opportunities abroad with a stipend? *
Have you been hired for a gig that you applied to that you found in our newsletter? *
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What have we not asked about that you'd like us to know to help inform how we select our job listings for the newsletter each week? *
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If you win, will you be able to use the ticket for the Tribe Writer's Conference? (The schedule is here: https://tribeconference.com/, and the prize includes conference registration, but not accommodation or travel. Please only click yes below if you know you will be able to travel to and stay in Tennessee for the event. We want to make sure the ticket goes to use!)
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