Application Form for Young Professionals
We are happy that you are interested in participating in the "Make Your Case to Shape Your Case" Consulting Case Writing Competition. The theme of the competition you are applying to is EAST BOSTON.

The goal of the project is to synchronize young professionals' drive for making an impact and problem-solving with the need for diversity in the post-pandemic recovery of local businesses. In a nutshell, young professionals will consult for local businesses in a Consult-a-thon format!

We are excited to be able to connect young professionals and local businesses. In this application form, please fill out all the details to the best of your abilities.

The Consult-a-thon will run from March 26th-28th, 2021.

The weekend currently includes:
- Friday Evening: Intros between young professionals and business stakeholders.
- Saturday Morning: Interviews with the business you are matched with, and gather data for your consulting analysis.
- Saturday Afternoon: The solution phase. You will work in your teams with a case coach to create an actionable solution and then get a hands-on training from industry experts in pitching a solution.
- Sunday Morning: Young professionals pitch to business stakeholders and industry experts.
- Sunday Noon: Award ceremony and close of Consult-a-thon

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The "Make Your Case" Consult-a-thon will be held from Friday, March 26, 2021 until Sunday, March 28, 2021.
Can you commit an entire weekend to this event? You can expect Friday evening through Sunday mid-day to be packed with consulting!
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