Participant application to attend Aloha Syntropica—Regeneration Agroforestry Workshops
The Aloha Syntropica—Regeneration Agroforestry Workshops are back-to-back intensive 5-day trainings with both classroom style and experiential learning in the field. For full details and cost, please visit

Hāwī, North Kohala, Island of Hawai‘i
August 20–25, 2017—Part 1
August 27–31, 2017—Part 2 (prerequisite: Part 1 or permission from the instructors)

Please tell us a little about yourself by answering the following questions. The workshops are a large commitment of time and money and we wish to optimize the experience for everyone and customize the workshop to participants' needs.

We appreciate your candid answers and your trusting us to determine if these workshops are a good match for you. We will respond to your application within 48 hours of receipt. Space is limited, so please submit your application early.

Workshops include

• An immersive experience, life changing for many participants
• Personalized training in both theory and practice
• Vegetarian meals
• Residential camping with rustic comfort facilities (or you can book your own accommodation in a nearby recommended hotel)
• Very full days of learning and interacting with like-minded people.


August 20–25, 2017—Part 1: $1195
August 27–31, 2017—Part 2*: $1195
Parts 1 & 2: $1995
* Part 2 requires Part 1 attendance or permission from the trainers

Only a few participant spaces remain.
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