Gregor Maehle workshop in Prague
Dear yogi, please fill in this form to help us make the event great where Gregor can address as many issues and bring light to topics you're interested in.
There's always a lot to learn from him and even if you have nothing in your mind now, please feel free to drop me (organiser Kristina) an email or messenger message anytime before the event once you meet something on your yogic path you'd like him to address specifically.
If you have any further questions or you need some assistance or help, please send an email to
Have a nice day and see you soon!
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email might be used for further questions about workshop topics (if needed) and/or to inform you about schedule or venue changes (everything might happen). Phone number only in case of emergency (if we're waiting for you - you might need help with parking or navigating around). I don't keep any emails for marketing purpose, nor mine nor Gregors and I do not pass emails to other person or company, not even to Gregor :-)
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What would you like Gregor to address during afternoon classes? Some specific ideas or issues you're struggling with in your practice or you're absolutely new to it and don't know how to start? Let us know
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