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Additional Options
The options below are additional modalities that we offer at ASC. If you wish to include these in your training just click the designated button for each section.
Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
The FMS is a screening tool designed to identify inefficient movement patterns that give indication of increased injury risk which reduces performance. This tool will be administered by a certified health professional which will be implemented into the training to ensure movement pattern corrections are resolved.
Yoga is a recovery method that has been proving to relax the nervous system, increase strength of muscle/joints in certain positions, balance and flexibility throughout the entire body. This is highly recommended when athletes are participating in intensive training.
Athlete Package
This athlete package will include an athletic shirt/shorts for the athlete to wear during their training sessions. The clothing will have an Andrews Sport Conditioning logo and a motto that represents the culture at ASC. *Motto may vary between athletic groups*
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