Golden Gate Fertility Planning Centre
Why infertility rate is increasing every year?
If you're wondering whether you or your partner is infertile, know that you're not alone: About one in six couples in this country have difficulty in conceiving a baby.
Why us?
>Proven success rates of conceiving: more than 1200 couples conceived
>Extensive clinical experience, more than 1200 babies have been born from our treatments
>Our doctors have a combined clinical experience of over 50 years
>New patient appointments can be typically obtained within 1 week
>We offer up-to-date, clinic services, family-like atmosphere
>We have had high success rates since the opening of our center in 1995
>We offer free, no-obligation consultations to individuals searching treatment options
>We offer informational seminars at our center to educate couples or individuals about infertility and it’s treatments
>We offer a free new patient consultation to couples who attend our seminars
>We welcome patients from several other states and countries
>We provide very individualized and personal care to our patients
>We are accredited, certified and licensed by the Malaysian Chinese Medical Association (MCMA) Federation of Chinese Physicians and Medicine Dealers Association of Malaysia (FCPMDAM)
Golden Gate Fertility Planning Centre
More than 1200 Couples Successfully Conceived
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