End of the Year Parent Survey-2019
In the beginning of the year I asked for feedback using this survey. As the year comes to an end, I would like to ask for your feedback again to see if there has been improvement in certain areas and to identify areas of focus for the upcoming school year. I value your opinion and time. Thank You~ Mrs. Hiler
Child's or Children's grade. Check all that apply.
Teachers timely response to your phone calls, notes and emails.
The information in the weekly FFMS newsletter is useful and the articles are helpful.
Administrators response to your phone calls, notes and emails.
The friendliness and helpfulness of the office secretarial staff
The overall quality of instruction at FFMS ?
The effectiveness of parent-teacher conferences.
The overall upkeep if the building and grounds?
The public image if FFMS?
The overall fairness of discipline in the school?
The overall behavior students at school.
There is a warm and friendly atmosphere at the school.
Communication of daily and weekly events.
Child is challenged to achieve at his/her highest potential.
FFMS is a very good school.
The teachers care about my child.
I feel welcomed at the school.
The school has an active and effective parent organization.
The community supports this school.
The school has provided a clear description of the many ways family members can volunteer at school.
The school lets me know how my child is doing .
The teachers tell me what skills my child needs to learn.
The teachers have a conference with me when I request one.
Teachers explain how to check over my child's homework.
Teachers send home news about what is happening in the classroom.
The school contacts me if my child is having a problem.
The school provides me important dates well in advance so I can plan accordingly.
The school invites me to programs at school.
What is the best way for the school to share information regarding important events, news and celebrations.
Additional Comments regarding this school year.
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