Principal Evaluation Feedback
Community members are encouraged to contribute to the annual principal evaluation process by completing this short anonymous survey. If you wish to comment on more than one principal, you will need to complete the survey more than once.

The information collected through the survey will be used to provide feedback to principals in relation to their work and professional growth.

This survey will be available online until Wednesday, November 30, 2016. Paper copies are available in each school's main office.

Questions related to the survey can be sent to Cheryl Dopp, OSSU Director of Human Resources, at or 802-472-6531.

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Please identify the principal (select one):
1. The principal gathers input from staff, students, parents, community and school boards on the school vision.
2. The principal communicates the school's values and expectations for learning.
3. The principal has implemented a high quality school-wide code of conduct, including a system of positive and negative consequences that are consistent with school values.
4. The principal sets the expectation that success is possible for all students.
5. The principal initiates courageous conversations about diversity and culture as well as about how these things impact student learning.
6. The principal responds to families and stakeholders in a timely manner, with appropriate tone, and with a tailored message.
7. The principal ensures that core components of social, emotional, and behavioral supports are in place to support student learning.
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