Soccer Rules -- JV
Kettle Run High School
Boys Varsity and JV Soccer Rules

The goal of Kettle Run soccer is to develop each player to his fullest potential by developing skills, fitness, and applied tactical knowledge to the game. High school soccer helps build character, responsibility, good work habits, and self-discipline for success in today’s world and plays a big part in the educational process as well. Good sportsmanship, self-discipline, and positive attitude are of the utmost importance and will be stressed fully.

The following rules will be followed during the season:

1. No missing games
a. Any player that misses a game not due to illness, injury, academic requirements, or family emergency will “sit” the following game

2. All players must attend practice daily. Only family emergencies, written medical excuses, weddings or funerals, or academic requirements will be considered as an excused absence. The coach must be notified PRIOR TO BEING ABSENT FROM PRACTICE! Injured players will report to practice and/or the athletic trainer for treatment and to keep up with tactical training, unless told otherwise by the coach.
a. Any player with an unexcused absence from practice will result in that player “sitting” for one half of the next scheduled game.
b. Three (3) unexcused absences from practice could result in dismissal from the team.

3. In-school detention or out-of-school suspension will result in team discipline or possible dismissal from the team.

4. The student athlete will be representing Kettle Run High School. Each player will show good sportsmanship and be gentlemen on and off the field. Any player ejected from a game will be suspended for at least one game. Recurring gross misconduct in practice or in a game may result in dismissal from the team. Any player receiving a yellow card in a game could result in possible team discipline.

5. Use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs (other than medical prescriptions), or vaping products could result in dismissal from the team.

6. Any student athlete found guilty of theft or destruction of property could result in immediate dismissal from the team.

7. Any student athlete found guilty of sexual harassment or inappropriate conduct with a female could result in immediate dismissal from the team.

8. All injuries must be reported to the COACH AND SCHOOL HEAD ATHLETIC TRAINER as soon as possible.

9. All equipment issued to the student athlete is school property and the player is responsible for its return or replacement. Equipment is to be used ONLY for practices and/or games.

10. Transportation: All players are required to travel with the team and coach to away games and return with the team, except for return home with parents. If parents wish their son to ride home from an away game with another parent, the athlete’s parent must present the request in writing to the Coach and Athletic Director for prior approval. The written request must state that the athlete’s parent assumes full responsibility for this action. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A STUDENT BE RELEASED TO RIDE HOME WITH ANOTHER STUDENT.

11. Practices will be held daily Monday-Friday starting at 3:00 pm. On some occasions in the beginning of the season, practices may be held on Saturday. Be on time!

12. Players will be expected to behave as gentlemen and obey all school and team rules of behavior before practice, in the locker room, and after practice, as well as before and after games. Players will show proper etiquette and respect for teachers, custodians, administrators and other school employees at all times.

13. During travel to and from contests at other schools, players will adhere to all school and team rules, will stay together with the team and coaches, and will behave as gentlemen at all times. Players will obey bus rules and show respect to bus drivers at all times.

Failure to comply with the guidelines in #11 and #12 may result in team discipline at practice, suspension, or dismissal.

14. Dual participation, the practice of a player also competing in travel soccer or other competitive sports during our Varsity soccer season, is strongly discouraged by the VHSL. This is because of the negative impact it has on both players and the team. The player is committed to 5-day-a-week practices and games, in addition to the academic demands of the school, and the social demands of family and friends. Players need time to rest, recover, and mature during the season. Dual participation prohibits this and as a result players involved in dual participation experience problems including injuries, fatigue, poor concentration, strained social interaction, and poor academic performance.

VHSL rules prohibit dual participation if it conflicts with scheduled team practices and games.

15. Parents…you are making a commitment to the KRHS Soccer program when you allow your son to participate on the team. Your commitment is to support your son by monitoring his academic progress and alerting the coaches of problems so we can assist in providing academic support, by providing or arranging for timely transportation home after practices and games, and by helping him in understanding and following these regulations throughout the season, especially by providing transportation as needed and appropriate.

Practices will include instruction to develop skills, tactics and physical conditioning which will be done via drills, game-like activities and small-sided games. The practices will be designed to help the player develop physically, mentally, socially, and in soccer skills and knowledge.

The coaching staff evaluates players in terms of their speed, strength, agility, endurance, ball skills and composure “with the ball”, tactical awareness and overall understanding of the game. A player’s “coach-ability”, sportsmanship, attitude, work ethic, citizenship and ability to learn and improve will play a part in a player’s chance of making and staying on the team. How a player gets along with coaches and teammates is an important part to maintaining good team chemistry and the overall success of the team.

Playing time for team members will be determined by the player’s performance in practices and games, as well as team needs and game situations. The players whom the coaches determine are the most effective will play the most. Playing time is not guaranteed. Other players will receive as much playing time as possible. Team success will not be compromised to provide equality in playing time; however, players will be given the opportunity to play whenever possible.

There is the possibility of underclassman players “playing up” for a varsity game if it is believed that that player can contribute at a higher level.

At no time will team formations or team tactics be open for discussion with parents. These concerns will be between player and coach. Any player with a concern is encouraged to speak with the coaching staff. The coaching staff will not speak to parents about concerns with playing time before or after games. Any parent with a concern may contact Coach Roper by email ( or phone (703 909-3479) or Coach Murphy ( to set up an appropriate time to meet.

All injuries must be reported immediately to Coach Roper or an assistant coach and to the school athletic trainer.

Injured players are expected to report to the trainer before practice for treatment and rehabilitation. They are also expected to be present at practice or with the Trainer for rehabilitation.

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