Stonemaier Games: Reviewer Request 2019
IMPORTANT: If you request a free copy of one of our products and we send it to you, you MUST create and share some form of substantial content for that product within 2 months of receiving it (a review, playthrough, discussion, etc--more than just a quick tweet or photo). If you do not, we won't send you free products in the future.
Do you currently have any review copies from Stonemaier Games that you haven't yet featured?
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primary content focus
These are the types of content we support through free copies of our products. If your content falls under other categories, please skip to the last question of this survey.
What is your current reach specifically to tabletop gamers on your primary platform?
These numbers represent YouTube subscribers, daily website views, podcast downloads per episode, OR Instagram followers (choose one, not the sum of several).
How would you describe your audience's level of engagement with your content?
This is gauged by comments on the content, social media interactions, guild participation, etc.
How often have you posted substantial, core, tabletop-related content over the last 6 months?
Which available, new-to-you game are you most interested in featuring in the next 2 months?
Which potential 2019 release are you most interested in featuring?
Which new-to-you expansion are you most interested in featuring in 2019?
You must ALREADY have access to the core game for the expansion you choose.
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(non-US reviewers) Are you willing to pay the postage cost to ship the review copy from the US?
If the localized version of a product is available in your region/language, please contact the local partner instead.
If Jamey writes about reviewers in a blog post, would you like to be listed on that post?
Your address, phone number, and Stonemaier-specific request will not be shared publicly.
Do you have any other services or information you'd like me to know about?
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