Early Bird Special Extended until October 18, 2019. Event Registration - Facilities Management Two (2) Days Workshop - Leveraging FM to Maximize Productivity, Efficiency & ROI
Event Timing: October 30th & 31st, 2019
Event Address: Guyana Marriott, Georgetown
Contact us at 592-680-7111 or smartfmconsultancy@gmail.com
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Workshop Overview
The workshop was designed to help organizations in the Caribbean region, including government agencies and local businesses maximize their Productivity, Efficiency & ROI through effective Facilities Management. It first educates participants on the Facilities Management profession, then highlights the role of FM in an organization’s Productivity, Efficiency and ROI, after which, it takes them behind the scene to understand good FM decision-making approaches with regard to health and safety.
The reality is that most of the business leaders in the region have a limited view of the FM profession, which incidentally is costing them in plain sight in the form of increased risk vulnerabilities due to litigation, health & safety issues and poor productivity, just to mention a few. This trend can however be reversed with leaders adopting a more practical perception on the profession, implementing proper FM operations and developing internal capacity. Understanding why this is critical for business survivability would be essential since legal and other requirements will force them to adopt the appropriate high safety standards and seek out the untapped productivity, efficiency and ROI gains that exist in Facilities Management today. As a matter fact, organizations often overlook the productivity gains associated with the enhancement and management of the physical workplace setting and would rather focus on technological advances and new management technique to increase output. This situation has presented an interested prospect for organizations, since the physical workplace remains a largely untapped opportunity for productivity gains.
In summary, the workshop will commence the process of bridging the education gap on the FM profession. It would equip stakeholders with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge, which they can then leverage to achieve enhanced productivity, efficiency and cost savings. The Workshop will expose participants to practical case studies based on real environmental work issues and will draw on them to utilize their learning to find solutions.
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