Science Olympiad Bake Sale
Date: Tuesday, December 18th
Time: Periods 1 to 10
Location: Stuy!!! (In front of the senior bar)
Description: We will be helping Science Olympiad with their bake sale.

This event is CAPPED and if you already signed with Science Olympiad, please indicate that you already signed up with them so we can have an accurate count of the number of volunteers.
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You will be getting hours even if you are helping with Science Olympiad, but we do need an accurate count of the number of volunteers we have.
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We would really appreciate it if you can bring in baked goods! Do you think you can bring in something? *
Extra hours will be given to those that bring things in!
If you sign up for this event but realize sometime later that you can no longer attend, that's what this question is for. We let you guys edit your response so if just choose the first option if you ever realize you can't volunteer anymore.
Feel free to email Jason, Weini or Jackson at as well if you have additional questions.
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