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KindHack Skopje 2019
On November 23-24, Symphony Solutions will hold its 2nd Charity Hackathon - KindHack in Skopje.

We are pleased to invite all NGOs from Skopje and beyond, working on environmental, charity or other social-related issues, to participate and apply with their ideas and projects!

Deadline - November 3

For any additional questions, please contact
1. Name of your organization. *
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2. Links to your website, social media channels *
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3. Please, describe shortly the mission of your organization, what do you do and what type of projects do you work on *
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4. What issue will the suggested project solve? *
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5. What solution do you expect to be developed at the hackathon? Please provide a detailed description in terms of functionalities. *
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6. Your contact information: name, surname, email, phone number. *
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7. I understand that my project may not be selected for the hackathon. *
8. I understand that during the hackathon developers may create a prototype, or not finish the project fully. In any case, I will receive the source files after the event. *
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