ASIFA-SF Spring Showcase 2019 Entry Form
Please fill out the following if you would like to participate in the ASIFA-SF Spring Showcase for June 11, 2019, hosted at City College of San Francisco. Please submit no later than May 30 for consideration.
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Please write 1-2 sentences describing the film (i.e. experimental music video, commercial project for client etc.)
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If this film was completed as a school project please list which school, if completed as a client project please list the sponsoring organization.
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List names and roles of any filmmakers who should be listed in the program
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Authorization for DVD *
ASIFA-SF may create a limited-edition DVD featuring participating films from the Spring 2019 showcase. This DVD would be for private use and small screenings by educators, ASIFA affiliates and participating filmmakers only (not for commercial distribution). Please indicate if you would like your film included on such a DVD.
If you answered "YES" above, would you like a copy of the DVD once it is produced?
If you answered "YES" to both questions above, please provide a mailing address where we can send a copy of the DVD.
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File submission options
Choose one of the three following options to submit your film.
OPTION 1: Downloadable link
If your video file is online (i.e. DropBox, Vimeo, Google Drive) please provide a link to download the file. If the document is password-protected then please send password or login instructions to
OPTION 2: Upload submission
If you are submitting a video file from your computer you may upload your submission here.
OPTION 3: Mail-in submission
Please check the box below if you intend to submit your film via mail. (SEND ENTRIES TO: c/o Tim Harrington, Box V52, City College of San Francisco, 50 Phelan Avenue, San Francisco CA 94112)
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