FSMA Produce Safety Farm Inventory Questionnaire
Please complete this form to be added to the Colorado Department of Agriculture Farm Inventory Database and receive communications/information about resources and updates for compliance with the FSMA Produce Safety Rule.
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Produce not covered under the Produce Safety Rule:
The exhaustive list of produce FDA has identified as rarely consumed raw: asparagus; black beans, great Northern beans, kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans, and pinto beans; garden beets (roots and tops) and sugar beets; cashews; sour cherries; chickpeas; cocoa beans; coffee beans; collards; sweet corn; cranberries; dates; dill (seeds and weed); eggplants; figs; horseradish; hazelnuts; lentils; okra; peanuts; pecans; peppermint; potatoes; pumpkins; winter squash; sweet potatoes; and water chestnuts.
Also not included in the definition of produce are food grains, including barley, dent- or flint-corn, sorghum, oats, rice, rye, wheat, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat and oilseeds (e.g., cotton seed, flaxseed, rapeseed, soybean, and sunflower seed).
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The following questions will help us to identify if you qualify for any exemptions under the Produce Safety Rule, as well as identify the time period for when the rule may apply to your operation:
Is all of the produce grown for personal consumption only? *
Which category for total produce sales best describes your operation? *
Is all of your produce intended for commercial processing that adequately reduces pathogens? (Example: commercial canning) *
Does your farm on average (in the previous 3 years) have less than $500K annual total food sales (including animal feed, dairy, grains, produce, etc.) AND over 50% of the food by value sold directly to qualified end-users? *
* A qualified end user is either the consumer (an individual, not a business) of the food OR a restaurant or retail food establishment within the same state or Indian reservation or less than 275 miles away from the farm.
What percentage of your food sales are to qualified end-users? *
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