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1. Reasons for unethical life or bad Society’s culture ?
2. In Indian population the ratio of intelligent people?
3. If intelligent people are high in India, what is reasons for unethical activities ?
4. How to bring the changes in the minds of not intelligent people ?
5. Can an IT professional get into agricultural business ?
6. Do you have love affair with any one ?
7. The people who have a love affair
8. If you don’t have a love affair
9. Present generation don’t welcome caste system but still they get influenced?
10. Do you support same gender sex?
11. Among the school students who influences the most?
12. Reasons for the changes in society
13. Young generations seems difficult to find a clear decision or solution because ?
14. Gender equality
15. To be in social network
16. Fans actions in the celebrating film factors and their cutout and all?
17. Your opinion on court judgment on sabarimala women’s entry?
18. What are the reasons for uncontrolled sexual behavior
19. You are the person to raising your voice for against of women’s harassment in publically, but in truly, are you doing or very much interest in women’s harassment?
20. Who ‘s method is best in Indian independence
21. Is artificial intelligence is threat to future society?
22. Which can destroy the world?
23. How do female’s choose their life partner?
24. How do male’s choose their life partner?
25. Can an individual bring a change that too a bad change?
26. Due to bad dress code and bad behavior, people become bad
27. Support to alcoholism?
28. If prostitution is legalized
29. Present media industry
30. Do you work for the welfare of the people with caste and religion?
31. Where do you want to step in your life ?
32. At what age your got social maturity?
33. How really your one of real face is effects?
34. Your opinion about present school teachers?
35. Students should not be punished
36. In every five years of your life the changes are?
37. Your present job status?
38. Always gossiping about others?
39. Do you expose your helping kind to others?
40. Approximately, how long time do you spend your time in browsing per day?
41. Do you believe in telling lies?
42. For professional development is English essential?
43. Personally are you feeling that you are a great personality?
44. If you get a change to take a revenge on your enemy?
45. Wrong dress code of women will create problem in the society?
46. Is there good relationship between states?
47. Are you getting any attractive inspiration when you see a stranger ?
48.How are offered while begging
49. Is Law common for all ?
50. A unmarried person in the age group of 25- 28 will still be a virgin
Few Interesting Questions ( any 3 can be answer )
What is a common experience for many people that you have never experienced?
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What qualities do you admire most in people?
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Your most powerful strength?
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Your one of the most bad quality?
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Which Historical figure would you most like to be? Why?
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If you could bring one person back from the dead, who would it be and why? (in short)
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If you could change one law, what would it be?
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How do you control your angry?
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If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
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What is your greatest failure, and how did you overcome it?
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