Math Upper Level CA Application, spring courses
Please submit this form by the Sunday of Thanksgiving break. You will hear back in late December or in early January if you are selected.

Please resubmit this form if your plans or preferences have changed. Only your most recent submission will be taken into account.

Submissions received after the Sunday of Thanksgiving break will be reviewed only if needed.

For questions about upper level CA positions, see here:

Contact: Rosalie Belanger-Rioux (

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Math 23b
Math 23c
Math 25b (preference is given to the fall CAs for this course, but you can apply in case we need someone)
Math 55b (preference is given to the fall CAs for this course, but you can apply in case we need someone)
Math 102
Math 110
Math 112
Math 113
Math 117
Math 118r
Math 123
Math 129
Math 130
Math 132
Math 137
Math 141b
Math 154
Math 155r
Math 157
Please list your relevant experience, if any.
Have you CA'd before, and if so which course(s). Have you tutored or taught in other ways?
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What math courses have you taken / are you taking? What grades did you get?
Please mention all lower and upper level math courses, and your final letter grade for each. You can also mention stats, applied math or other courses you think make you a stronger candidate.
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In a few sentences, tell us why you are interested in this job!
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Terms of Agreement: in order to consider you as an undergraduate course assistant, I have to check your records to make sure you are qualified for the job. Therefore as part of this job application, you must click below to give the required permission. *
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