HEART Surrender Form
Please complete this form and submit. A HEART volunteer will confirm receipt of this submission with 12 hours by email, so if you do not receive confirmation, please contact us by email at heartrescueteam2016@gmail.com or send us a Facebook message on our page. Please also feel free to email us if you have any questions prior to filling out this form.
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You agree that you are irrevocably transferring and surrendering to HEART legal ownership of the animal(s) on the date of surrender. This gives us complete authority to take whatever actions in our sole judgment are necessary and in the best interest of the animal(s). HEART will work to place your animal(s) into a good home. In an attempt to find a good lifetime home, HEART works with other rescue groups and may in the best interest of the animal(s), please him/her with them. Your signature surrenders all claims and/or rights to the animal(s) listed on this form and by signing, you are giving HEART authorization to make judgments regarding this/these animal(s) well being and potential euthanize if animal becomes terminally ill or deemed aggressive.
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