TEDxEasthamptonWomen 2019 Speaker Application

The TED mission is simple: to spread ideas. But what makes an idea worth spreading? TED defines a great, well-formed idea as one of two things: either something that’s new and surprising (an idea or invention that your audience has never heard about), or a great basic idea (that your audience has maybe already heard), but with a compelling new argument behind it that challenges beliefs and perspectives.

Consistent with TED’s mission, TEDx events are independently run and organized, and aim to provide a platform within communities for local voices to share their great ideas. TEDx events are not just a series of talks, but rather a unique gathering of individuals with a desire to unleash new ideas, inspire, and inform, and do so by providing community-driven and bias-free content on a diverse array of topics.

Unlike other seemingly parallel events, TEDx events do not raise any money, even for charity, which allows great ideas to remain the focal point. Additionally, they are not a platform for professional speakers, such as motivational speakers and life coaches; the purpose of TEDx events is to give a platform to voices that don’t often have one.

Ideas worth spreading are the cornerstone of TEDx events, and as such, speakers are held to a high level of commitment and performance when it comes to sharing their ideas. Talks must run between 10 and 18 minutes and are completely memorized, but you will have the ongoing support of both the organizing committee and a professional speaking coach.

TEDx events have the potential to bring together bright minds capable of enacting real change, locally. We would ask any prospective speakers to take a moment to reflect on the significance of TEDx events, and the impact that they can have on both your personal career and the communities with which your life intersects. Our ultimate goal is to curate a group of individuals who share a passion for innovation and change and are able to do so in line with TED’s simple yet dynamic mission: spreading ideas that are worth being spread.

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