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If you are studying a horsemanship program, you are studying to become a horse trainer. You don’t need to be interested in doing it professionally, but if you want better results with your horse, you need to know how to train that. This service requires a commitment and is primarily for folks who are wanting to help their horses reach their fullest potential by taking responsibility for their understanding and implementing a practical training program. By registering to be one of my Internet Interns, you are putting Coach Kristi on a retainer to be your personal coach for a full year!

As an Internet Intern you are entitled to:
1. A comprehensive list of tasks that will help you develop a foundational partnership.
2. Constant and consistent email access:  I will be available via email on nearly a daily basis for all of your horsemanship questions. I will share pdfs, video links, as well as create unique content to demonstrate strategies that I know you will find helpful. I will also give you homework assignments and help you determine what you should be working on with your horse to make the most of your time together.
3. Access to our exclusive Facebook group:  The knowledge available in the group has been accumulating for nearly 3 years. We share our journeys with each other. I will share with you my personal horsemanship journey. This is a place to connect with like minded people and use our group to expand and explore different learning styles and challenges. I will post task lists for all 3 stages of Horse Development as well as accompanying video to help you develop those tasks.
4. We will have weekly Zoom meetings for live conversations about our horsemanship goals and challenges. The recording of those meetings from the last 2 years are available in our Facebook group.
5. You can send me as much video as you like. I just ask that you send it via a coaching App called OnForm.  Please keep each video under 10 minutes.

You can find the OnForm App in your devices App Store. I will voice over my advice and send you a link back.  Each submission should be under 10 minutes and edited down to the point of your question if at all possible. All videos need to be submitted with your thoughts on what I am watching. Context matters. 

The cost of a private lesson is $100/ hour. The cost for this service is $125/month! For less than the cost of a one hour private lesson you can have constant access to me for a year! Custom payment plans are available. If you are able to pay for the year in full, I will offer you 2 months for FREE! That is a $250 discount. Your year will begin the day I receive your payment and end 12 months later. I do ask that you are ready to be committed for the year. I cannot offer refunds. I am willing to do everything in my power to help you make progress. 

I love teaching in person and sometimes that is the best way for us to work together. However, clinics are expensive and stressful for horses and humans. We are all horse lovers, but I also love the people who love their horses. Without you, my dreams are not possible. I have been developing this service for over 3 years and would love to be your coach. Regardless of your participation, I am always available for questions at

Coach Kristi

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