Registration now closed for Media Enhanced Teaching and Learning (METAL) Workshop May 27 2011

Registration for the <b>FIRST</b> METAL workshop to be held at the University of Nottingham, May 27 2011, is now <b>closed</b>, but you can still ask to join the METAL email mailing list by visiting

Registration for the <b>SECOND</b> METAL workshop, Nottingham, June 22 2011, 10:30-16:00, is <b>now open</b>. The registration form is.available at

These free workshops are funded by the University of Nottingham with support from the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Project, operated by the Maths, Stats and OR Network as part of the National HE STEM Programme.

<b>Note that the METAL project involves a wide (and expanding) range of disciplines, and it is not restricted to STEM subjects. </b>

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