Reserve Prairie Horizons Beef for 2020!
Our first round of pre-orders for bulk beef is open! Orders must be received by June 1.
Meat will be available for pickup or delivery in early July.

(Additional rounds of orders will be available later in the season.)
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Price per pound is based on butcher's “hanging weight” (weight of the beef after slaughter before dry aging, deboning or trimming).

Average hanging weight is 650-725 pounds but varies by individual beef.
Additional processing fees of approximately $0.80/lb are payable to Starbuck Meats upon pickup.

Total Estimated Cost = [weight x price/pound] + [weight x $0.80]

$3.20 per pound for a whole beef (650-725 lbs - estimated $2,200 + $550 processing = $2,750)
$3.40 per pound for a half beef (325-360 lbs - estimated $1,165 + $275 processing = $1,440)
$3.50 per pound for a quarter (split half) beef (160-180 lbs - estimated $595 + $135 processing = $730)
Eighth beef (50 lbs - appx 25 lbs of steaks and roasts and 25 lbs ground beef - $345, processing included)

**Please note: Estimated costs above are based on average weights. Your total cost will vary based on the actual weight of your meat.**
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All local orders will be picked up at Starbuck Meats: 117 E 5th St, Starbuck, Minnesota or at the Prairie Horizons Farm Store by appointment.
Delivery is available to St. Cloud or the Twin Cities for an additional fee.
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For whole, half or split half beef, custom cutting orders are placed directly with Starbuck Meats (320-239-2228) after your beef is butchered. They are experts in guiding you through the process so that you get just the cuts you want in the size packages you need, and they are happy to answer any questions you may have.

For eighths of beef, we use a basic cutting order of 1 inch thick steaks packaged in 1-2 lb. packs, 2-3 lb. roasts and 1 lb. packages of ground beef. This eliminates the need for you to place a cutting order...easy!

Sample cutting orders are available by request.
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