Ward 3 Biker Priorities
As your newly-appointed Ward 3 Bicycle Advisory Council liaison I'd like to hear from you about your priorities and pain points as it relates to biking in Ward 3. Thanks for participating and feel free to contact me with further thoughts.
- Emily Curley, emilycurley@gmail.com
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What ANC do you live in?
Here's a tool if you're not sure: http://dcatlas.dcgis.dc.gov/mar/
In what capacity do you primarily bike?
What areas do you primarily bike on?
What kind of bike(s) do you primarily use?
Do you feel safe while biking on your most frequent route(s)?
No, I'm taking my life into my hands
100% safe, yes
Do you feel safe biking with children or allowing your children to bike in Ward 3?
Absolutely not
100% safe, yes
Do you have any aspirational bike goals for Ward 3?
E.g. Allow my 11 year old to comfortably bike to school; close Van Ness St to car traffic; provide safe biking connections between all metro stations and trails
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What type of infrastructure would most improve biking for you?
Please describe your top priorities for improved infrastructure in Ward 3 e.g. "protected bike lane on Connecticut Ave" or "bike racks along the east side of Woodley Park commercial corridor"
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In the course of your biking in Ward 3, what is the scariest intersection or road that you encounter and why?
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What type of traffic enforcement would most improve biking for you?
Please describe the location(s) you feel most needs this type of enforcement:
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Are there any policy or legislative considerations either at the ANC or city-level that you feel would make biking better?
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What information are you most interested in staying informed about?
Anything else you'd like to share?
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