Ohio Pollinator Health, Protection and Conservation Plan:  Stakeholder Input
The Ohio Pollinator Health, Protection and Conservation Plan is a communication tool and guide for action to improve the health and survival of pollinators across Ohio. Your input is vital to the success of this plan. Please answer the questions below to offer your thoughts on:

The threats facing Ohio’s pollinators
Ohio's strengths to impact these threats
Action steps Ohioans can take to help pollinators

This should take about 10 minutes. OHIO RESIDENTS ONLY, PLEASE!

The survey closes on November 11th, 2016.

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What are the important threats facing Ohio’s pollinators? Rank the importance of each potential threat listed below.
Not important
Slightly important
Very important
Don't know
Climate change
Environmental pollution
Intensive farming practices
Invasive plants
Lack of food for pollinators
Lack of genetic diversity in pollinators
Lack of nesting habitat
Land use change
Limited public concern about pollinators
Limited public knowledge about pollinators
Parasites and pathogens
Pesticide use (including insecticides, fungicides and herbicides)
Poor or inadequate beekeeper experience
Reduced flowering weed populations
Public policy that harms pollinators
Clear selection
List any additional threats to pollinators not listed above.
What are Ohio's current strengths to impact these threats? List key words or ideas.
What action steps could be taken in Ohio to help pollinators? List key words or ideas.
Who should be involved in the effort to protect pollinators?
Not important to involve
Important to involve
Essential to involve
Children and youth
Elected officials
Garden centers and nurseries
Government agencies and organizations
Land Managers
Media representatives
Non profit organizations
Pesticide applicators
Clear selection
Who else should be involved, not listed above?
If you would like to be contacted to review the draft plan or to receive a final copy, please enter your e-mail address.
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