Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association (LHENA) Request for Funding Application
Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association works to promote and organize activities, events, and projects for the good of the neighborhood. The Lowry Hill East Neighborhood aims to make physical and aesthetic improvements to public spaces, improving the environmental sustainability of the neighborhood, building social bonds among neighbors, and promoting smart growth and improving the zoning code. Projects and programs should fit within the neighborhood’s initiatives.

Once you submit an application to the Finance Committee it will be reviewed at the committee level then forwarded with a recommendation to the Board of Directors. You may be asked to attend one or more meetings. LHENA may require as condition of approval a follow-up story, message, or photos to use for promotional purposes.

Please provide as much information as possible, including submitting attachments if necessary.

Request for funding applications must be received by the Friday before the next scheduled Finance Committee meeting to ensure applications can be properly reviewed and added to the agenda. The LHENA Finance Committee meets the first Wednesday of the month. Applications received after Friday may be added to the agenda at the discretion of the committee chairs.

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Does this project require ongoing and long term maintenance? If so, how will this be handled? (i.e. garden weeding, cleaning, repairs) *
What is your timeline? When would you be prepared to discuss this project? *
What is the total cost of the project? Please attach a budget document with submission.
How much are your requesting from LHENA?
Is this a one-time request?
Are there other community groups and/or stakeholders that are engaged in the process? If yes, please list the type of support (i.e. financial support, promotional materials).
How will you make sure the community knows about the project?
What is the approximate number of people impacted?
How do you plan to evaluate the success of the project or program?
How will LHENA be credited and recognized for its contribution?
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