Diversity Access Ticket Request for CHAOSScon Europe 2020

To encourage and increase the participation of a diverse community, the CHAOSS project is pleased to offer waivers for registration based on diversity and need.

To learn more about the event, please visit: https://chaoss.community/chaosscon-2020-eu/

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Georg Link at linkgeorg@gmail.com
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What is your reason for requesting a diversity access ticket? *
Please let us know why you are requesting a diversity access ticket. We give away free diversity access tickets to promote inclusion.
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What do you hope to get out of attending CHAOSScon? *
Attending a conference has many personal benefits. Please let us know what benefit you hope to get out of CHAOSScon.
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What do you plan to contribute to CHAOSScon? *
Everyone has a unique background and can thus share a unique perspective. CHAOSS welcomes all perspectives, we would like to understand your perspective. Also, contributing to CHAOSScon may include active engagement in discussions, live tweeting talks, writing a blog post about the experience, and any other ideas you may have.
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We will use this email address only to contact you about your request and to send you a registration code if we approve your request.
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