EAN 2017 Annual Report - Feedback
As someone who uses EAN's report frequently, we value your honest feedback on how we can make the 2018 report stronger and more useful to you and your organization. Elements are listed below by page number, and you can review the entire report at: www.eanvt.org/2017annualreport
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Membership List (pg. 6-7)
Member Profiles (throughout)
High level overview of energy goals & progress (pg. 9)
High level overview of emissions goals & proress (pg. 12)
Breakdown of emissions by sector (pg. 12)
Breakdown of renewability by sector (pg. 13)
Top Ten Drivers to 2025 Milestones (pg. 13)
Transportation renewability & drivers breakdown (pg. 14))
Transportation Trends (pg. 15)
Transportation Choices CO2 emissions per mile (pg. 15)
Gas car vs. EV comparison (pg. 15)
Thermal renewability & drivers breakdown (pg. 16)
Thermal Trends (pg. 17)
VT Heat Energy Sources (pg. 17)
Average Heating Fuel Pricing Trends (pg. 17)
Electricity renewability & drivers breakdown (pg. 18)
Vermont Electricity Generation Sources (pg. 18)
Solar CPG timeline (pg. 19)
Visualization of land needed to reach 2025 targets (pg. 19)
Renewable Energy Standard overview (pg. 20)
Brief History of Renewable Electric Policy in Vermont (pg. 21)
Vermont Clean Energy Jobs (pg. 22)
Fossil fuel $ leaving the state overview (pg. 22)
Energy Burden overview (pg. 24-25)
Vermont Community Energy Dashboard overview (pg. 26-27)
90% by 2050 Milestones (Energy Pathways Analysis) (pg. 28-29)
VT Statutory Energy Targets and 2017 Status (pg. 30)
25% by 2025 - Society Benefits overview (pg. 31)
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