Equity PAC: Candidate Application for Endorsement
This form is Equity PAC's Application for Candidates seeking endorsement.

Equity PAC is a political action committee formed in Grand Rapids in March of 2016 to influence local candidates and ballot initiatives toward equitable outcomes.

What does EquityPAC Stand for?
EquityPAC believes in just and fair inclusion for all people. We are working toward achieving a community where all people, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, age, sex, religious affiliation/observance, income, ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity are able to participate and succeed.

We also believe in inclusive growth, whereby the systems, structures, businesses, organizations, boards, and various governments across the community reflect the WHOLE COMMUNITY. We seek to actively elevate marginalized voices and ensure access to opportunity for all PAC members (and the communities they represent).

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