Tenant Outreach Survey (May 2020)
To all Centre County tenants:

We are inviting local tenants to connect with us to learn more about rent relief. We are also connecting tenants who have the same landlord with each other. Please answer the following questions. This information is confidential and will not be shared outside of 4CR without your express approval.

The Centre County COVID-19 Community Response Team

There is an updated survey, please fill that out instead: https://forms.gle/krLN1rhcj65Xj1fQ7
Location / Apartment Complex *
Property Manager (if known) *
Landlord (if known) *
Were you able to pay rent in May? *
If the answer to the above was no, have you already contacted your landlord or property manager?
Clear selection
If the answer to the above was yes, what was the response of your property manager or landlord? Please be as detailed as possible.
Pennsylvania law states that as a tenant you have a right to a decent place to live. Is your landlord following this law during the pandemic by ensuring your dwelling is safe and sanitary? *
If the answer to be above was no, can you briefly describe what unsafe or unsanitary conditions your landlord is failing to resolve? Unsafe or unsanitary conditions include: insect or rodent infestations; inadequate heat; leaking roof; no electricity; faulty wiring; broken fridge; defunct sewage system; lack of hot/cold water; and so on.
Contact information (First name, e-mail, phone) *
Would you like to be put in contact with tenants that have the same landlord or property manager? *
Would you like help on how to negotiate for rent relief? *
Have you signed our petition for a rent, mortgage, and utility moratorium? Link: https://forms.gle/UKpcxzvxp2yYi1weA *
Have you signed the State College Landlord Appeal petition (Penn State Students and Parents only)? Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15Du4YuFHZLBbMre4TgvyHLgn6XcqKh-XT3XyRtnWoMk/edit?usp=drive_web *
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