Listserv Year End Survey
I appreciate your taking the time to complete this survey. I will be compiling responses to "the one lesson I will make time to teach again next year" and sharing it via the listserv/blog. The other questions are primarily to inform my thoughts on how to improve the listserv/blog and our other educational offerings for next year. If you have other thoughts or comments, or would like a personal response, please feel free to email me at
You can take this survey anonymously--but you can't win a prize (or be publicly credited for your answers) if you don't provide your name.
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You can take this survey anonymously--but you will not be eligible for the prize if you don't provide your email address.
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What grade(s) do you teach?
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Describe (in brief) the best Montana history or IEFA lesson or project or resource your taught this year--the one you will make time for next year no matter what.
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Would you like your name mentioned in relation to this lesson plan/activity when we share it on the listserv?
If we are using your name, please tell us where you teach and what grade and subject.
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How useful did you find the Montana History and Heritage Listserv posts this year?
Waste of time
Extremely useful
Please share any suggestions you have about how to improve the listserv.
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